Our Story

I have been making jewelry ever since I was very small. The urge to string beads and find ways to adorn myself with rocks and shells I'd collected was always something I've loved to do and could never explain. The thing about me and hobbies is, I can never just go lightly into anything. I decided to get serious about my craft back in 2010, and have been on a path of acquiring and refining skills in the trade ever since. I graduated from the North Bennet Street School's Jewelry Making & Repair program in 2013, and have been working in the jewelry industry at a variety of levels ever since. One day I'm polishing estate jewelry and watches in a Victorian-era basement, the next I'm running production for one of the oldest jewelers in the country. Naturally, my artistic tendencies drove me to create original pieces using all of this delicious technical knowledge, and before I'd completed my first year in jewelry school I was taking custom orders and learning how to make them as I went. 

I named this line for my mother, Jacqueline. MaKaZoe became her nickname once I was born, while she had been working in the wardrobe department on Sarafina!, on Broadway. Stay tuned - this story deserves an interview with my mama. I'd love to have her tell it. I was a baby was born surrounded by exquisite dancers, textiles, singers, sequins, and notions of all kinds, and with my father Carl being an OG music engineer, creativity is my destiny.

Since re-launching in 2021 after a few years' hiatus I have developed a small collection of fine jewelry and designed some incredibly sentimental family heirloom pieces for clients.

Thank you for visiting us at MAKAZOE. We look forward to showing the world more as we continue to build, our trajectory is only aimed at the stars.