Our Story

The urge to string beads and find ways to adorn myself with rocks and shells I'd collected was always something I've loved to do and could never explain. Some of us can never just go lightly into anything.

I graduated from the North Bennet Street School's Jewelry Making & Repair program in 2013, and have gained a broad range of experience in the industry over the last ten years. 

The name of my brand is in honor of my mother, Jacqueline. "MaKa'Zoe" became her nickname once I was born, while she had been working in the wardrobe department on 'Sarafina!', on Broadway. Stay tuned because this story deserves an interview with my mama. I'd love to have her tell it. As a baby I was born surrounded by exquisite dancers, textiles, singers, sequins, and notions of all kinds, and with my father Carl being a renowned music engineer, a creative path was always highlighted for me.

Life is surprising. From polishing estate jewelry and watches in a Victorian-era basement, to coordinating production for one of the most historic jewelers in the US, this journey has been so fulfilling already.

Thank you for visiting us at MAKAZOE.