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Big Kundalini single earring

Big Kundalini single earring

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This is the companion to our Kundalini No. 1 earring. As you can see, we've added a beautiful old mine cut diamond to the drop.

Taking advantage of the fact that neither of these stones has a match, we paired them with one another.

This can be worn to honor and channel Kundalini Shakti energy. 

Snake jewelry is one of my reasons for jewelry to begin with, and red spinel is one of the most beautiful gems I can imagine. 

The forces that create these precious materials are the earth's life-force itself. We are only products of our environment, quite literally. 

Practicing meditation has allowed me to access parts of my own metalsmithing practice that constant hard work could only bring me close to. These stones I choose to work with inform me what they want to be as I design. This design felt as though it generated itself in my fingers.

This is being sold as one single earring, because there are no perfect matches to this hand-cut, unheated red spinel from Burma. These stones have been acquired through traceable, artisanal channels. That means that the person who sold them to me would be able to find the name of the individuals who mined, cut, and transported these stones so that I could acquire them. The red hue is really intense and saturated. There is a companion earring if you desire to have two, but they are not the same. They are different snakes, and different earrings. 

14 karat yellow gold post earring with a .26ct red spinel, .35 carat old mine cut diamond G-H/SI, approximately 50mm in length.

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